Thursday, November 15, 2012

What we do in TItle One Reading...

Here is a look at what your child does in Title 1 reading with me on a daily basis. 
(This is told from a child's point of view...enjoy!)

Fluent Writing Review
Before my 30 minute lesson begins, I get to write some words on the board.  I'm learning to write little important words as fast as I can so that I can write them in my stories.  It's fun to write on the board!
Rereading Familiar Books
In every lesson I get to read lots of little books.  I get to pick some of my favorite stories that I have read before.  This is easy for me.  I try to read my book like a story and make it sound like people are talking.  My teacher says, "That's good reading; that's how good readers read."
Rereading yesterday's New Book and Taking a Running Record
Now I have to read a book all by myself!  My teacher will check on me and won't help me unless I have a hard problem.  If I just can't figure out a word or I get all mixed up, my teacher will tell me the word or say, "Try that again."  I read this book yesterday.  My teacher helped me work hard to figure out the tricky parts.  Now I think I can read it pretty good all by myself!
Letter Identification and/or Word Making and Breaking
Sometimes I need to do work on learning about letters or important "chunks" of words.  My teacher knows all about the things I need to learn.  I like to move the magnetic letters around the board.  The letters help me understand more about words.
Writing a Story
Every day I get to think up my own story to write in my writing book.  I can write lots of the little words all by myself.  My teacher likes my stories and helps me work to figure out how to write some of the words.  We use boxes and I say the word I want to write slowly so I can hear the sounds, and then I write the letters in the boxes all by myself.  I like to read my story when I'm done. 
Cut-up Story to be Rearranged
I read the story and my teacher writes it on a long strip of paper.  My teacher cuts up my story so I can put it back together.  I have to think real hard to get it all back together.  Then I have to check myself to see if I got it right.  Most of the time I do!
New Book Introduced
I like this part of the lesson the best!  My teacher picks out a story just for me and tells me what the story is all about.  We look at the pictures and think about what the people and animals say in this book.  My teacher helps me think about some new and important words in my story.  It's fun to look at the pictures and hear about the story before I read it.  I think it helps me read the story too.
New Book Attempted
Now it's my turn to work hard again, but I like this story and I'm excited to read my new story.  When I come to a hard part, my teacher will ask me questions to help me think or to show me what I should try to think about or do.  We call these my reading strategies.  I use my strategy bookmark to help when I am stuck in my reading.  My teacher is trying to teach me all the things that good readers do. I can't wait to come again tomorrow.  I love reading!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Conference time...

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at parent teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 24th!

I'll be able to share what your child has been working on, as well as give you some tips to help work on reading skills and strategies at home.

The time we have to talk at conferences is quite short, so I would love to invite you to come in and visit one of your child's reading lessons.  This is a great opportunity for you to see how we learn to read.  I will have more information on scheduling a visit when we meet on Wednesday.

Tip of the week...

The best way to show your child that reading is important is by reading yourself.  Enjoy the newspaper, a magazine, or a book and be a great role model!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It was great to see so many Pershing and Mitchell parents at our first Parenting for School Sucess meeting.  These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to make connections with other families and learn from each other!

Reading tip of the week...

Memorizing patterns in books and using picture clues are an important part of learning to read.  When your child brings home his/her practice books they will be memorized and that is okay.   These books help to memorize sight words and build fluency.

Give your child lots of hugs and kisses for working so hard on learning to is the most important skill he/she can learn!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We are off to a great start...
Be sure to watch for your child's reading bag to come home every night.  The books in the bag will be books that we have practiced multiple times at school.  I call them "show off" books because they should be easy for your child to read.  The purpose of sending these books home is to practice reading fluently with expression.
Please set aside a quiet time to have your child read these books to you.  What a great way to show him/her how important reading is!
Thanks for all of your support...
Mrs. Laz

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Welcome to Mrs. Lazarides' reading blog.

This blog will be a way for us to communicate during the school year.  Please check it weekly.  My goal is to post reading ideas that you can use with your child at home.

I'd love to hear from you...take a minute to post a "hello" message.  There will be a special treat waitng for just saying hi.  :)

Tip of the week...

Nothing is better after a long day than snuggling with your child and reading a book together.  Share one of their new library books.